{Prego Pics} Growing Pains!

Just a quick look back on the last four months and how the quads have grown already!

And to think I've got roughly three more months to go. XXL sweat pants, here I come! :)


  1. Well, you have GOT to be the cutest Quad Mom I have ever seen!!!! We are packing and loading now. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. I agree with your Momma! You are a cute Mom!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment! :) Yeah, I think the funny stories are just beginning!

    Oh my word, your maternity photos are so CUTE! I love that you incorporated the balloons. You are looking awesome! Keep on trucking...it is so worth it in the end! :)

  4. Beautiful!!

  5. awww! you are too cute!!!! congrats on your quadlings. it is definitely one wild ride, but SO worth it!!! thanks for stopping by, girlfriend!



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