{Daily Pics} An Honest View

Here's some photos I gleaned from our camera over the past week. All honest glimpses into our home and life with quadruplets. :)

kailey asleep for a nap = one happy momma 
harrison and trystan were so cute with their faces pressed together looking at me

we mix four of these pitchers of formula for our daily bottles

my playtime with the crew

daddy and trystan...she's such a cute mini-person!

all eyes on momma


  1. What great pictures,Thanks for sharing:)

  2. They are so adorable!!!!

  3. Is that Harrison peeking through the pack-n-play in the picture of Trystan and Mike? Too cute!!

  4. They are so beautiful Amber!! Thanks for this blog too, I love hearing your stories from quadville :)

  5. Priceless! Beautiful babies.
    I bet it is Logan who is peeking.

  6. Adorable! Girl, you gots to get yourself a pampered chef family mixer. Saves me at least 10 minutes in bottle prep!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, Amber! They are so adorable! They are so growing so fast! xoxoxoxo

  8. awesome pictures! thanks for sharing


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